#22 Pitches

The power of sports

Every year more banners get hung in the rafters of the Knight Gym, with athletes across all sports bringing championships back to Jesuit. While the accolades are wonderful and are often what Jesuit gets defined as, it is not what the school looks to gain out of its athletic programs. “Our athletic program is proud…

Star of Venus

Demystifying Islam

Throughout history, the United States has a tendency of defining itself by separating itself from ideas, cultures, and appearances that differ from those of the majority. From racism, to sexuality, and now with Islamophobia, our media continues to discriminate against people with unfamiliar traits and backgrounds. With all of the violence occurring by radical Muslim…


The value of AP Testing

Three hours of sitting and exchanging glances between the “exam packet” and page two of the “student answer sheet.” Nervously underlining, calculating, stretching hands, and checking the clock. For many people, this sounds like an academic nightmare, but around the beginning of each May, for many Jesuit students this means one thing: AP Exams. AP…


Coffee House

“Start practicing your jokes,  and tricks!” It’s the promotional line for Coffee House that you may have heard. “Come support your friends and dress up as some of your favorite Greek mythology characters!” With original themes and the promise of Jesuit talent on display, the lighthearted student-only showcase is a big draw four times a…

cici save

New Women’s Lacrosse Goalie

Senior Cici Pham recently tried out for varsity lacrosse goalie after Morgan Majors, varsity goalie for several years, graduated. Cici heard about the opportunity from friends on the team who were worried about who would fill Morgan’s position. “I originally heard about it from [Senior Lacrosse Captain] Andrea Macalalad,” Pham said. “She was like, ‘We…


Locker #170

Students work hard during the year to individualize their lockers with art and motivational messages, but one student decided to take it as far as possible. One freshman had decidedly inserted a fully- functioning sound system in his locker, complete with a 30W sub woofer, a 200W amp, a 50W speaker, flashing lights, a computer…

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