Underground Fashion in Our Community

Hidden within the plethora of students wearing white converse, pastel shorts, and button-ups, is a community of innovators to whom fashion is an integral part of their lifestyle. With more and more streetwear brands establishing themselves alongside well-known brands in Paris, NY, etc., fashion is reaching a larger audience. Until recently, streetwear has been deemed…


Dr. Exley Takes on Speech and Debate

This year, Jesuit welcomed a new Speech and Debate teacher, Dr. Exley. Dr. Exley teaches the class with academic vice principal Dr. Smart, who has taught the class since its beginning nine years ago. Dr. Exley also teaches freshman World History. Dr. Exley has taught at Portland public schools and a charter school in Brooklyn,…


Liz Brenner returns to JHS as a coach

Jesuit alum Liz Brenner ‘11 is leading the volleyball team to success once again, this time from the sidelines instead of the court. Head volleyball coach Ms. Zimmerlee offered Brenner the assistant coaching position after coaching Brenner during her time at Jesuit. “I respected Liz for her hard work ethic, skills, and her passion for…


Horror movies haunting us

With Halloween approaching, horror movies follow. From the beloved Beetlejuice, to the classic Scream, there are too many scary flicks to choose from. The first ever horror film was released in 1896, titled The Devils Castle. This was not only a silent movie but was written and directed by the starring actor Georges Méliès. Méliès’s…


Seniors Achieve International Recognition

The sudden reality of homework and early mornings often serve as a painful wake-up call for the summer-addled brains of students–not so for seniors Ashwin Sah `17 and Chaitanya Karamchedu `17, who spent their summers receiving international recognition for their achievements in mathematics and science. Sah was one of six high school students selected to…


Non-Catholics find community at mass

About 71% of the Jesuit student body identifies as Catholic. That leaves about a quarter of Jesuit students who practice other faiths. Even though some  students are not Catholic, Jesuit always sees a large turnout for mass in the Smith Gym every Friday. Many students who regularly attend mass are not Catholic, but still gain…

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